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Sustainable energy in agriculture

On a farm a lot of biomass is produced and energy consumed. Due to increased energy costs the use of sustainable energy on farms can be interesting. Two interesting options are digestion and burning wood. Due to increased costs for manure export costs also manure treatment may be interesting. This is often done in combination with digestion.

Biogas is produced out of biomass through a biological phenomenon: anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic means that the process takes place in an oxygen-free environment. The organic material in the substrates is reduced and converted to biogas by micro-organisms. The biogas can be used in an CHP engine to produce electricity and heat or can be upgraded to bio methane and fed in to the existing gas grid.

Are you interested in a biogas installation and do you want to know if it will be profitable at you farm? To help you check the profitability of a biogas installation we developed a profit calculator. You can use this tool for free to help you assess the feasibility of a biogas installation. The tool will give you a detailed overview of the investments needed, the operational costs and the revenues of the installation.

The tool includes combined Heat power (CHP), Biogas to biomethane upgrading, heat delivery to customers in case of CHP and much more. Click here to try the online tool. We also developed an offline tool.  This downloadable  offline version has more options compared to the online version. You can find the download link in the blue field.

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