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Application of exergy in industry

Every company strives for the most efficient and effective production. A central theme is a low product cost. Using an exergy analysis to analyse the production process may lead to surprising results, which may save you a significant amount of money. This method focuses on fuel and raw material use within the production process.

When considering these items, one may raise several questions, like:
  • How are fuels and raw materials used?
  • How are they converted to products?
  • Where are the losses in the production of these products?
  • What are the energy and exergy costs for a single product, when several different products are produced?
  • How can I use my fuel and raw material more efficiently?
An exergy analyses can provide answers to all these questions

Which approach is used?
The approach starts with the calculation of exergetic values of the streams, based on a mass and energy balance of the production process. The exergy losses are shown, and hence the losses in fuel and raw material. An exergy analysis can be performed on different levels. It can be performed on a macro-level, only considering input and output of large functional production steps, but it can also be performed on the micro-level, where the exergetic losses of a pump are determined. The beauty of an exergy analysis is that it allows to zoom in on the areas with the biggest losses to pinpoint the cause of the exergy losses exactly. 

After the analysis phase process improvements are proposed, in part based on the design rules of minimal exergy loss. These improvements can be short-term solutions, but can be long-term solutions as well. For process developers an exergy-analysis is useful as well, as in an early stage exergy losses will be visible, and a different design can be selected. An analysis on energy and exergy cost for each product (including intermediate products) will give additional information on the performance of the process.

These process improvements will be elaborated into a number of business cases, selected by the client. In the analysis phase CCS will use OptiJoule, an exergy calculation tool, that is developed by CCS in collaboration with Jacobs Consultancy and the Eindhoven University of Technology.

What can CCS do for you?
CCS is one of the leading Dutch consultancy firms in the field of exergy. With this novel approach CCS can analyse your process in a relatively short time, and give you concrete propositions for the reduction of raw materials or fuel.
For inquiries please contact exergy@cocos.nl

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