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What is ExerCom?

ExerCom is THE software routine to calculate exergy in Aspen and Pro/II. It has been developed by Jacobs Consultancy in Leiden, The Netherlands. In the manual it is described how the routine has to be implemented. The calculations of ExerCom take place during the normal run of the program. The results of ExerCom, the exergy values, are displayed in the stream report of Aspen and Pro/II.

Aspen Plus and Pro/II are the two main process simulation and evaluation programs for chemical and petro-chemical industry. The use of process flowsheeting programs facilitates the design of chemical plants significantly. The flowsheeting program calculates the (physical and chemical) properties of the streams. With this information the performance of the plant can be determined. However, to determine the performance of the plant from the viewpoint of efficient fuel and raw material use, the exergy loss and exergetic efficiency have to be calculated. To calculate these, the exergy of the streams has to be determined. This can be done by using ExerCom in Aspen or Pro/II with ProVision. 

For whom is ExerCom designed?
ExerCom is designed for companies that use Aspen Plus or Pro/II and like to design process plants, which use our natural resources more efficiently. The most cost efficient way of saving natural resources can be found using a costing module.

Energy can never be lost as stated in the first law of thermodynamics. What is lost, is the quality of the energy, which is exergy. To use our natural resources as efficient as possible exergy analyses are of great help. ExerCom differentiates between the chemical, physical and mixing exergy for the analysis of reactors, heat (for example combined heat and power) integration and separations. To perform this analysis in Aspen and Pro/II ExerCom is needed.

Examples of cases using ExerCom
Benzene and toluene are separated with a conventional distillation column. From the figure we can conclude that minimizing the exergy losses will result in an optimal feed location at stage 9. At this feed location the reboiler duty is minimised.   
Exergy loss and reboiler duty versus  feed stage

Partial oxidation for hydrogen production
Hydrogen is produced by partial oxidation of methane with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water and hydrogen.

Exergy loss and H2 production versus O2/C-ratio
The figure shows that the maximal hydrogen production is reached at an O2/C-ratio of 0.65, whereas the exergy loss is at a minimum at an O2/C-ratio of 0.60. For an optimal production the ratio has to be between the O2/C-ratio of 0.60 and 0.65, depending on what is preferred: less fuel consumption or higher hydrogen production rate. 

Where can ExerCom be purchased?
Exercom can be ordered through CCS. If you are interested in ExerCom or wish to receive more information on ExerCom, then please contact us, by email at exergy@cocos.nl or by phone: +31 570 667000. For more information download our Flyer here

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What is ExerCom?