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OptiJoule is an exergy calculation program, which is developed by CCS in collaboration with Jacobs Consultancy and Eindhoven University of Technology. Just as the Exergy Estimator , it calculates the exergy of streams.

Where the Exergy Estimator will calculate the exergy of a single stream, OptiJoule calculates the exergy of streams of an entire flow sheet. Besides this it calculates the exergetic efficiencies on a component and process level.  The intuitive user interface and the check on mass and energy balances make for a user-friendly programme.
CCS continues to add additional features to OptiJoule by determining the exergetic cost of intermediate and end products, and by comapring the efficiencies of the actual device with state-of-the-art efficiencies. 

At this moment OptiJoule is only used within CCS to support her services in the field of exergy. It is expected that a limited version will be available online in the near feature.  
An example of the user interface of OptiJoule is given below for an air separation plant.

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