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ExEst (EN)

The calculation routine ExEst is a tool that has been developed to simplify the approximation of exergy losses. ExEst is a software program that estimates in a simple, fast and systematic way the exergy of 71 different compounds. This tool is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized production locations with chemical and/or thermal processes.

Calculation routine
The calculations are based on integrated polynomical functions for the values of specific heat, enthalpy and entropy. The calculation routine also takes into account phase transitions. Besides an English version, also a Dutch version is available named ExergieSchat.

The use of a polynomical function for the calculation of the enthalpy and entropy values has the disadvantage that the value deviates from the real values, which can be found in the tables of handbooks. The data of a large number of renowned sources has been used. Errors never exceed 5%. If you want more information concerning the concept of exergy and/or the calculationroutine ExEst you can have a look at the website or send an e-mail with questions to exergy@cocos.nl

First choose a component and fill in a temperature and pressure. Since the enthalpy and entropy are compared with a reference, the calculation needs a reference temperature and a reference pressure. The chemical exergy can be checked optional. All calculations are in SI-units.

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