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Tool- and scan development

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Tools- and scan development

One of the specialties of CCS is the development of scans and tools in the field of energy.  CCS' vision is that the costomer can gain insight in how effectively environment friendly energy or energy saving can be aplied to their company to see how usefull it will be to continue this any further.

A few of CCS' personally developed scans and tools can be found on our homepage. Furthermore CCS has also developed scans for third parties. In case you wish to develop a scan CCS will be more than willing to help you

CCS has developed the following scans:

CCS has developed the following tools:

Simple Switch 
Assigned by Advance, CCS has developed the CO2 scan for Philips. As individuals we can force companies to come up with solutions and call on governments to act  for the protection of our climate. The thing we ourselves control however, is the decrease in our own energy usage and the CO2 print we leave behind. Simply by making the right choices every single day. We have divided your CO2 emission in energylabels so you can get insight in your energy usage. Label A is low energy usage and label G is high energy usage and high CO2 emission.

We must try to change our personal energy label from a fiery 'G' to a friendly, gasgreen 'A'. As a matter of fact this change isn't really that hard. Change your lightbulbs to energy friendly lights, isolate your home and get rid of that four wheeled gasoline gulping machine and go carpooling. There are numerous ways to decrease your CO2 emission. Thanks to this Philips program you can get insight in what your personal energy colour is and you can discover how much more environmentaly friendly you can live. What is your energy colour? Link: http://www.asimpleswitch.com/b2c/home

Energy scan for the SME (Only in Dutch)   
With the energy scan you can quickly and very easily get insight in the energy usage of your business. The energy scan tells you how much you can save on e.g. your lighting, heating and productcooling system. it will also show you a benchmark. This is a comparison between your company's energy usage and that of other companies within the same sector.

It works very simple. Select your sector and fill in your elektricity and gas usage. you shall then recieve an overview of the energy costs and your saving possibilities. You can request to recieve a rapport of these results.

You can dig deeper into the possibilities of saving on your energy usage. for this you will choose the extensive reviewing option and fill in some details of your building and the installations currently operating. this will result in an extensive advice in which your specific circumstances have been takem into account. Once again you can request to recieve a rapport of these results. https://zakelijk.oxxio.nl/energie-besparen/energiescan


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